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I have decided to get back into rc planes after 20 years or so. I have been a flite test stalker for a while. Me and my son have settled on the old fogey for him. This will be his first time flying so I thought it would be nice and slow and gental for him. I m going to build the old sportster to get back into things and then build a storch to get alerions and flaps. I have printed both plans on thick stock and have started to cut the plans and tape them together. My question is how do you transfer the score marks, or the parts to cut out for a b bend like a fusealage. And does anyone have any tips on these build. Also I plan to grab 2 flysky transmitters for us. Trying not to spend I ton. I will post some picks as the builds get underway.


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I like using a pin to poke holes through the plans and into the foam, so when I remove the plans I can connect the dots with a ruler. The old fogey is a great flying plane, I think I've heard it flies better if you make the vertical stabilizer a couple inches taller to reduce dutch roll.