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First Electrohub build - ESC question

I'm building my first Electrohub kit (with Ready To Fly Quad electronics pack) after building a few FT airplanes.

I soldered the motor to the ESC as shown in the video, but I don't have a servo tester to try out the motors and see which way they spin. Instead I just hooked up a receiver that is already bound to my transmitter. I got that connected and then held the bare ESC power wires into the female XT60 connector on the battery. Moving the throttle didn't make anything happen with the motor.

I thought maybe I somehow overheated the ESC when desoldering the wires so I pulled out another ESC and just temporarily soldered motor wires onto the wires coming out of the ESC. I repeated the process with the receiver and the battery but no luck getting the motor to spin.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? This seems super basic. I thought maybe I didn't initialize them right so I tried this with the throttle both high and low. Still nothing.

One possible clue is that as I plugged the wires in, it took a little wiggling to get a solid connection. So it flickered on and off a couple times. Did I just fry both of these? How can I debug this? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

Oh and when I plug the battery in, I hear three ascending tones from the ESC, then no more noise and moving the throttle does nothing.
Got it!

I knew I would get it as soon as I asked for help! It indeed my fault doing the initialization incorrectly. I didn't understand the beeps (no instructions anywhere?!)

For anyone else with the same problem, hold the throttle high on your transmitter, then plug in the battery. You'll hear some beeps, then a pause, then more beeps. During that second set, bring the throttle low and you'll hear more beeps. Now you're good to go.

If anybody has a manual for these ESCs it would be helpful. This little stuff seems to get me with every build. They skip over it in the videos. Maybe I'm the only dumb one :)