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First few flights FPV

Hey guys,

I just got my New 5.8Ghz fatshark RTF v2 kit in the post on friday. I set it up and I have flown a few times. ITS AWESOME!!!!

I built an FPV40 from Schraut5 on RC groups. I have a NTM 1000KV 310W motor running a 10x4 prop on 3S... and i'm really not happy with the speed. Its too slow for how much power i'm using. I'm guessing if I went to something like a 9x5 I would get more speed? I'm not sure though. I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around what different props will do on motors.

I want a happy medium of having good thrust for take off and powering out of sticky spots, and also a decent top speed.