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First FT Plane...and FT ESC issue


New member
Hi! New member. I just finished my first foam board plane and thought I'd show it off and ask a few questions about the FT ESC that comes in the C power pack.

Below are pics of my Storch. I painted it to look like Rommels Storch and gave it an appropriate name. I added wing struts, gear cowling and struts, more foam board on the lower nose, and ironed all open foam edges. I used an airbrush and the paint and methods in a FT video.

My ESC issue: After successfully testing each control surface and CG, I crashed on my maiden takeoff. Afterwards I discovered that if I swing all the control surfaces around simultaneously it would go nuts or servos would lock up. I tried three different receivers, but no luck. Removing the flap servos from the receiver didn't help either. I noticed the BEC only supplies 3A so I swapped it for a 5A capable Hobbywing ESC and problem went away. Has anyone else had issues with it?

After a lot of trimming to counter the damage the plane flies great. I need a lot of aileron and down elevator trim even with a good CG.



Well-known member
I know the 35 amp ESC that comes in the C power pack will not run 6 servos. I tried to add flaps to a mustang and it did not turn out good.
I did email FT and they know of the problem, they said to replace the ESC or add a BEC if running 6 servos. After I removed the flaps I had no more problems. Someone here posted that a 9g servo draws .5 amps