1. R

    Pizza Box Plane

    Closer to the ideal of delivering a pizza by air: My kid (Ruby) and I put two motors in a pizza box, added a FT explorer polyhedral wing and explorer boom, and wow! The electronics take up a bit of room in the box, but we’ll try a pizza someday. For now though, it flew extremely well and...
  2. Mr NCT

    Part Explorer Extended Sport Wing with Flaps 2022-02-15

    A longer sport wing with flaps. Gives a very gentle flight and great glide while keeping the ailerons. Built for a 3 to 5 degree dihedral and should have a reinforcing spar where the wings join.
  3. markfickett

    Spray painted FT TT and Explorer, notes on sanding/masking

    I painted my FliteTest planes! Rust-Oleum spray paint, matte base coat with gloss color coat + gloss clear coat. I didn't end up needing to sand for good adhesion even on taped areas. I had some dollar-store foam core board and some lasercut semi-waterproof. I had already been flying the planes...
  4. C

    A3 Pro Gyro won’t Bank left

    I’m hoping somebody has more experience than me. I’m using the A3 Pro gyro in the explorer and when I’m in auto stabilize mode I can bank left at all. I still have full rider control but I have to switch back to normal mode to bank left. When I’m in the ground ask the controls respond as they...
  5. CustomRCMods

    The OFFICIAL CustomRCMods Fleet Record and RC Journey Thread

    Hey guys, Been meaning to make a thread like this for a while now, Ive been running out of space in my signature for my full fleet, so I thought I would make this thread and keep it up to date with my entire RC Fleet, and also post about my journey along the way. This is in no way an attempt...
  6. C

    Propeller keeps spinning freely.

    I'm still way new to the hobby. Every time I put the prop on my FT Explorer and tighten the nut it works fine for a minute then I think the prop gets pushed down too far and doesn't grip to the shaft anymore. When I throttle up the shaft spins but the prop doesn't really spin with it. How can I...
  7. J

    59 year old newbie - adding more planes

    I have been wanting to fly rc since I was a teenager and I am just getting started now. I have put together a Tiny Trainer from the plans and I got the power pack and a Spektrum DX6 about a month ago. I took it out for the first time last week. My wife threw it down into the ground twice -...
  8. D

    ESC Overheating, Wiring Problems

    Hello, I'm a newbie to the field of fixed wing models and flight controllers, and I'm looking for some help with a wiring issue. I have a finished model of the Flite Test Explorer and I had purchased the Pixhawk 4 to use as a flight controller, but I've been having difficulties. When I followed...
  9. W

    FT Explorer Thrust Angle Woes--Raise CG?

    So, I am new to r/c and just started building an FT Explorer. I have read several posts and seen a few videos with folks struggling to get their thrust angle sorted out. I read the related articles on FT and understand the thrust angle should ideally line up with the CG...not just the balance...
  10. F

    My Oversized FT Explorer, Long Version

    If you like a longwinded story, read on. If not, skip to at least chapter 4, the summary. (and it probably could have used some proofreading). I don't know... I wrote this. Love it or leave it but please try to be nice. Chapter 1: The Great Friend After I built my FT Tiny Trainer from a...
  11. ReinventingTheWing

    New Noob, Any Tips?

    Hey I'm about build the FT Explorer, and the swappable pack both flown with the Dx6 Transmitter. If anyone here has built the FT explorer or swappable pack I would love to know any tips from you guys, and am still very interested in tips from anyone else who has some experience.
  12. Winglet

    Can't stop flying my old FT Explorer

    Recently resurrected my original FT Explored from storage and can't stop flying it. I sort of forgot what a fun no stress design it is. It is big and obnoxiously noisy. I'm perfecting the low inverted pass. Too much fun!
  13. T

    Adjusting throws of new FT Explorer build

    I just finished building an FT Explorer that I got for Christmas. Its my first build. When I finished and was checking the throws using the piece of foamboard from the speed-build kit, I noticed that it doesn't look like the tail goes up high enough. I've adjusted the travel end point on my...
  14. N

    First Post!

    Hello from Pennsylvania! My brother and I are going to be building two of the DIY kits. We already have flown the FT Explorer. I'm torn between the FT-22 and the Sportster. Any suggestions? This will be our 2nd planes. Thanks!
  15. G

    Testing Explorer before maiden flight

    I have just about finished the FT Explorer -- my first RC build ever -- and am looking forward to taking it to the RC park for its maiden flight (and mine). Before I do, I'd like to know whether there's anything I can do to make sure there are no aerodynamic surprises before launching it. In...
  16. M

    Scaled down FT Explorer

    After some looking for FT planes to build, decided to build a FT Explorer, but considered builing in a smaller size, for example 60%. My question: will it fly with the Power Pack A? Would be awesome if it could.
  17. I

    New guy from Tunisia needs help

    Hey guys. I've been hanging around here for a while and I got the FT fever. I decided to build the FT Explorer as my first build and I have a few questions. I'll be using the free downloadable plans and it would be awesome if someone helps me out with the type of foam to use and the sheets...
  18. T

    FT Warmliner

    Has anyone else had this idea or tried something similar? Take an FT simple soarer fuselage, an FT Explorer Sport wing. Put a folding prop on a big motor and make a warmliner. Maybe split the ailerons for flaps and crow? Probably would have to reinforce the wing. I've seen a few folded...
  19. thomashyland

    FT Explorer to SkyHunter Explorer Conversion

    Let me start with this, I had a TON of fun building the FT Explorer. It is an amazing lazy-day flyer with the glider wing, and a super thrilling, stunt machine with the sport wing. I had a crash in some super heavy winds and broke the tail boom. I always loved the look of a SkyHunter, but did't...
  20. E

    What type of receiver and battery for Power Pack C

    Hey all, I am new to the hobby as of August 2015 and a HUGE fan of all the Flite Test videos. I am so glad a came across these guys. Anyway, I enjoyed FliteTest so much and their own builds, that i decided to buy a speed build Explorer with Power Pack C. From what I am reading, it seems I still...