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  1. M

    Alternatives to adams board!!

    Hi guys I live in south Africa, and I am struggling to find a foam board that will work as Adams board or readi board. Does anyone have any solutions, or alternatives that I could use? Would really appreciate some help. Sincerely, Matthew du preez
  2. B

    Help! Battery won’t charge

    Hi all. Noob here who is trying to be very safe with batteries. I just got this battery and charger with my P40 build kit and am charging with the balance port in the 3S charge port and charging on 1A. Figured since this can’t do 1.8 for the 1800mAh, I’d be safe at 1. Battery has been plugged...
  3. B

    Help! P40 power pack C prop install

    Hi fam. Noob here. Just finished building my first scratch build and was ready to get the prop on and get the plane in the air when I realized I have absolutely no idea how to install the prop on this thing. Purchased the power pack c with the speed build kit. Picture of all included parts...
  4. T

    Attach Wings to Cylindrical Fuselage

    Hey Guys, Im a long time reader, first time poster. If this should be posted somewhere else please let me know. On to my question: I am trying to create a semi realistic F104 Starfighter build (based on the design with small changes for ease of construction). I am having trouble finding how I...
  5. W

    Help! transmitter wont flash my reciever

    hey there, i just recieved my new reciever a frsky xm+ and it has the wrong software on it so i wanted to update it using my turnigy 9xr pro on wich im running open tx 2.3.9 but when i go to my sd card i dont get the option flash to external device. i tried updating my bootloader (wich is now...
  6. F

    Help! No signal on fpv goggles

    I'm using a tx200u rx and ev800d goggles. New to the hobby so I'm still trying to figure everything out. At first I was having the issue of not being able to connect my vtx and goggles to the same channel. I would scan and get video but when I tried to set to the exact frequency i would get...
  7. R

    Help! Old receivers and remotes/transmitters

    So I just got a bunch of old rc plane and car receivers,along with a bunch of old remotes a couple speed controllers, motors, and a bunch of old NI-CAD Batteries (Longstory short my class got a ton of new equipment) I haven't really dug in to them that much but I got a couple of the remotes to...
  8. shadeyB

    Understanding numbers - weight - power 😭

    hi pilots The weather is due to be good tomorrow and in my mind the time has come to maiden my F-16 😊 I can build, paint, fly, crash ,repair & repeat and that’s pretty much what I have been doing for the past 7 years. All builds have been from guess work and previous lanes - flight experience...
  9. A

    Gremlin prop issues

    Hello, Just built and maidened my FT gremlin. All is flying smooth but about 30 seconds into flight the motors spin the props right off. The shaft on the motor isn't long enough to support any retention from the top of the prop, and I don't want to glue\epoxy them in place for obvious reasons...
  10. A

    HELP PLEASE! Im a newbie and am having throttle trouble

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the hobby and just built my first quadcopter a few days ago. While I think I've fixed most of the problems I originally had, there's one problem in particular that I cant get down. Every time I raise the throttle, the quad understands and begins to go up. However, when I...
  11. Mikey-101234

    Help! Making plane templates

    How do you make a template for a plane?
  12. O

    Help! Beginner Equipment Recommendations

    Hello my name is Rylan and I want to get into the RC hobby! I have had experience with store bought quads but that is about it. I want to build a large scale classic uav type plane but I have to get my foundation down first. I would like to do a scratchbuild! I have been binging all the...
  13. O

    Help! Beginner Equipment Recommendations

    Hello my name is Rylan and I want to get into the RC hobby! I have had experience with store bought quads but that is about it. I want to build a large scale classic uav type plane but I have to get my foundation down first. I have been binging all the beginner videos on YouTube and have found...
  14. J

    Graupner MZ-12 Help

    Hi, Been building FT foam fixed wing craft for a year or two now and ran into a problem recently with one of my pietenpols. I found an FT video A few months ago on how to setup the MZ to hover your fixed wing and went through the steps to try it out and now I can’t find the video and...
  15. Lilbanks96

    FPV Noob Set Up

    Hey everyone! FPV has always been interesting but also intimidating to me so I never took my first steps into it. That will change with your help! I really don’t understand much about FPV but I watched this Flite Test video, and said I have a Cub, I can do that! But frankly I don’t know...
  16. D

    How to use a DXE with Freerider

    So I have Smartpropoplus installed and it's sort of seeing input from the DXE when have it plugged into my computer and so is Freerider but Freerider sees the right joystick as the left and vice-versa. I'm just wondering if this cable...
  17. NealisNeal

    Help! Wondering about binding an old(ish) transmitter with FrSky receiver

    Hello Everyone! I am returning the world of RC airplanes (I was very into it but have fallen out the past couple of years), and I was wondering if I was able to bind a quadcopter's FrSky D8 - SPI BUS receiver to a Spektrum DX7s transmitter. Thanks for any input (Go easy on me I am new to the...
  18. P

    Diagnosis help request

    Hi folks! If I missed the obvious location for help requests, please point me in the right direction. I am having difficulty with my first twin engine plane. I have successfully flown the Explorer, Bushwhacker, and Versa. I am getting the Sea Duck ready and having difficulty with the throttle...
  19. R

    ESC beeping problem

    I got the tiny trainer speed build kit last week. I got everything from the FT starter bundle (So I'm using the Power Pack A, a Tattu 2 cell battery, and the Spektrum DXe Transmitter). Every time I move the throttle a little the ESC beeps at me and the motor jitters a bit. I believe that I...
  20. M

    Help! Old futuba radio

    Hey I bought an old futaba PCM 1024z, and i dont know how to link it to the receiver, can you guys help with that.