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  1. J

    Help! AcroWhoop V2 Setup

    So thanks to the helpful people on this forum I have been able to pair my acrowhoop to my Taranis qx7. After connecting it to betaflight the transmitter works but it does not work after I disconnect from my computer. I watch the video from FuriousFPV on setting it up and there was a dump file I...
  2. J

    Help! Ft gremlin motor startup problems

    I have been flying that Gremlin for a while now (all stock EMAX parts from the FT store) It has been great! ...but, from the beginning, sometimes a motor or two won't start up when I arm. It use to be sometimes, but now it is always...I won't fly now. It isn't the esc, I slapped some hobby...
  3. Wingman04

    Help! Jittering Servo

    I have an E-Flite Timber and have been having a problem with the right aileron servo jittering when the stick is in a certain position. Rebinding and wire rerouting haven't helped. It only started after I replaced the other aileron servo, but I have no ideavwhy that would have any affect...
  4. M

    Need HELP with build!

    Hi, I am planing to build up the xhover stingy frame and I have a few uncertainties. 1. I want to use the Betaflight f4 fc but I don't know where to solder my spectrum receiver that takes 5v. spektrum receiver: https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=SPM4649T Betaflight f4...