Flite Test Adventure


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I bought this plane on a whim since I wrecked my FT F6F and the credentials looked good. I am very pleased with this plane, although I wrecked it for the first time today.
I am getting 10 minutes on the 300mah 2S battery supplied for this. That is at 50% throttle and no wind. I even put a 1000mah battery in it (54g) and it flew well. It had to be launched with about 75% power however to take off from my hand.
For flight gear I am using a Flysky X6B receiver connected by Sbus to a Radiomaster Byme-A board. This provides really good launches. I have this setup in all my planes and these are bound to a TX-16S transmitter. What is really nice about this setup is the telemetry available. I fly on battery telemetry (rxbatt) set at 7.0 volts. The radio alerts me when it gets down to 7.0 volts I generally land it at 6.8 volts. The battery quickly rebounds to 7.2 volts generally. I also use range telemetry(RQLY) since I have had some near flyoffs. (another story)
I would recommend this plane to anybody. However, I think you should fly this with a gyro. The plane is fast and light and can get really out of control fast. I have trouble flying on intermediate since I am a fairly new pilot (Jan 2022).
Today when I crashed it I was on a short final since it was windy and I had to go around one more time. But the ESC started to hit cutoff and I went on a short final. The plane hit the side of the building as it slide through the grass. Not much damage except the motor mount broke free. AS I said, this is a great plane and well built.


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The kid and I recently purchased the FT Adventure. This is an upgrade from a trashed beyond repair Sport Cub S2.

I really want to to like this plane, but it's complicated.

  • high density foam, nice pant job and finish
  • powerful magnets keep foam sections together, nice fit
  • powerful brushless motor and nice servos
  • many landing gear options
  • 2S battery and JST connector, more compatible with our chargers (Hitec)
  • landing gear is fragile, don't even attempt landing on grass
  • small wings, heavy (compared with S2)
  • must take off with at least 75% throttle
  • correct CG can be a hard to establish at first
  • difficult to fly without a stabilizer

We have a couple successful flights, but at this point more crashes than proper landings. My first flight resulted in motor mount and top wing screw mount breaking free from the foam. A little foamtac glue solved that problem.

Today was our first test of an old FrSky Sx6R RX+gyro, with limited success. I'm not sure if the RX moved around during flight or was mis-calibrated, but the plane went bonkers when we enabled "level flight" mode. My son managed to bring the plane down safely, despite some wild, unintended aerobatics.

The FT TT felt pretty nice and relaxing after flying the Adventure. We are considering staying with medium to large aircraft that don't require a stabilizer.


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Cessna 150 made of ceiling tiles, span 1m, flight weight 400 grams. The best model for mowing grass.Flies in any wind.The best Prices are 150 there is not a single purchased model in such a scale.


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Update on the FT Adventure!!

We removed the stabilizer, opting for a nice small and light FrSky RX4R. This helped bring the CG forward. The plane now behaves nicely after dialing back the the aileron throws a little bit and practice on a calm day. We have been putting in a lot of simulator time lately due to the bad weather, maybe that helped too.

  • ditch the landing gear and belly-land her on grass, this works much better
  • get a larger battery for longer flight time, 400+ mAh
  • increase aileron throw to 65%+ for serious aerobatics

  • be sure to use 75%+ throttle on take off
  • high-G maneuvers will likely sheer off the tiny screw mount that holds the wing to the body of the plane, re-anchor with plenty of glue and consider sinking a deeper anchor or BBQ skewer
  • so much fun, you will likely run through batteries faster than you can keep them charged

I'll try to post some videos next time.