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4 props and 4 EDF's on a plane. A challenge.
So here it is.
2 props on each side of the wing in the front and an EDF on each side too.
Then, 2 EDF's in the tail.
Each motor has to have it's own battery and ESC.
The EDF and prop don't have to be on at the same time.
And the maximum speed should exceed 300mph.
It shouldn't have any mixing at all.
The radio shouldn't have more than 8 channels.
I challenge flite test to do this.


Senior Member
Will dollar tree foam board hold up to 300 mph?

Sounds more like a World Record attempt to be held at the salt flats.

What is the speed record for an electric RC plane?
I'm not so sure that DTF would hold up to 300 mph.
Just to make the challenge easier, 250mph is fine.
The fastest rc plane in the world is 392 mph.
I'm still challenging flite test to do this.