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Flite Test Frustration

To Josh,Josh,Chad,and David,

I love the show and think you guys do great work! but right now I am really pissed at your website/store:mad:. The reason being...... Me and my fiance are getting married this Sunday and all I asked for is the bat bone kit from your store to be one of my presents so that i could fpv the wedding, everyone that I told went to your site and completely skipped the store altogether!!!!!! now I am hearing about how crazy these quad copters look, and how amazing fpv is and I'm about to blow a gasket!!!! I blame you guys for making this mess and causing this anguish!!! At least when i do get my kit and the other stuff I'll have some new friends to fly with.;) Keep up the great work guys!

P.S. I am in no way actually blaming the crew website or store.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
If I was you, I'd call off the wedding. You should wait until you're able to face such a wonderful day without even a hint of frustration.

Get your hands on the Bat Bone, build it, fly it, fall in love all over again. THEN get married.
Now there is a video I want to see. Two FPV Multirotors exchanging rings mid air above their pilots at their wedding. You can have the wedding party fly formation multies with bubble blowers on them.
Lol Jason, i would love to be able to do that!!! Maybe in 1 or 2 years when we renew our vow's( this isn't the big wedding she secretly wanted , thats when we do the big one) I will try to accomplish that for you!!!!


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Ugh, big weddings. I love my wife, she wanted to elope. So we did. Ran off and got married in a little camp ground next to a spring, only knew one person there. Had a notary officiate, and a couple campground volunteers act as witnesses.

It was a lovely ceremony.
Wife and I were going to do the big wedding thing then realized we were going to spend so much on the wedding we wouldnt be able to have a honymoon. Screw that we said and ran off to Vegas for a week and four of our closest friends came out to be with us. Got married at the Little Chapel of Flowers and it was streamed live to the family back home. (a new thing at the time)
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