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FliteTest in RealFlight 7.5 (Model Index)

Thank you so much for creating these models. I am using them in my FT STEM classes so my students can get use to flying them before we get on the field. If you are taking requests, we would like to see the following: FT Tiny Trainer, FT Spitfire, FT Mustang, FT MIG-3, FT Explorer. These are all planes that are options for the kids to build in our class. Thanks again
Cullen Chong
FlashPoint STEM
I'm with you. All these models are available for PhoenixRC, but that SW is discontinued and not sold anymore. Would be great if someone can convert PhoenixRC models into RF or share some link or idea on how to do it (for sure it is not an easy feat). Thanks


Well-known member
Now I see Horizon is not keeping up the server so different pilots can fly together. I suppose it was bound to happen as they now own RealFlight.