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Flitetest Simple Cub with 50mm EDF


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Converted my prop flitetest Simple Cub to a 50mm EDF mounted in the fuselage. Proper location of the EDF was key in making this transition a success. Flew incredibly stable. A 64mm or 70mm would drastically increase flying characteristics for this plane. The Simple Cub is one of the best forgiving and stable planes I’ve built so far. Enjoy the video and let me know if you have any suggestions or questions about the transition.

EDF in Cub? You are mad! You are Genius!
Haha. Thanks. I did it out if the blue after crashing my F-86. I was gonna build another Jet but had my cub hanging on the wall with no motor and figured what the heck. I put a 4s 2200mah in it today and it took off almost vertical and did a backflip at about 25ft off the ground and pulled right out to level and kept going. Wish I had video taped it. Was a beautiful site. I’ll video tape it with the 4s soon.