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Fly multiple quads with one transmitter

I have been designing and building my own quad frame and I accidentally discovered something that made me say Hmmmm. I have 2 identicle prototypes so rather than trying to remember which was which, I binded both to the same program on my taranis. One day I had just finished flying proto 1 and then went to fly proto 2 but I forgot and left the battery plugged in on proto 1. When I went to launch proto 2 I heard something bouncing around inside the garage, sure enough it was proto 1 trying to fly at the same time. This made me think, how long would 2 identicle quads stay syncronized if both were being controlled by a single transmitter. Then I thought who better to present this challenge to then those crazy guys at flitetest. I think the quads would need to be on separate video frequencies and for best results, line them up on the starting line directly inline front to back so that the "2nd quad" is behind the "1st quad" separtated by a couple feet. In theory you would have a scenario where the back quad follows the front one until you turn around then they trade places.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Already been and being done and expanded. Watch this video from the 8 min mark on.

even more worrisome...

Without some sort of mapping or method for the quad to know where it is synchronous flight is nearly impossible for more then a short period because of outside factors like drift and winds and air temps and thermals.