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Fly Sky CT6B Help Needed!


How in the **** do I get my laptop running windows 7 Home Premium to recognize a CT-6B??? I have surfed the web, and watched videos. I THINK I have followed the correct sequence, but T6config still doesn't react to any stick movement on the tx. It would be nice if I could see what com port the usb to serial driver is installed on, but Ports doesn't even show up on device manager like all the info says it should!

I HATE PC'S!!!!!!!

I'm going to go give my Macbook a hug, now.


Senior Member
Hi teach have you checked out this link? http://www.mycoolheli.com/t6config.html. This version was developed on Windows 7 and there are a couple of steps to take. I even managed to get this working on my @#!$%$Vista machine! There is also a link to alternative programs that may work better. One other thing I had a problem with was using the wrong usb cable. I accidently used my simulator cable and nothing worked right!:confused:


Oh-Yeah, I was using that site. I have two desktops I am going to try. One has Windows 7 and one has XP. If the laptop doesn't like it, maybe one of those will...


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dont use t6config


i am running win 7 and i have the turbonix remote . i found that some some software called digital radio . works best
its not free but its worth the 2 dollars.