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Flying rc sailboat

Hello! I am a big fan of your stuff. Since you are always asking for us to tell you what to make fly, I would like to see you make an rc sailboat (*any size) fly.
I have been doing rc for over 30 years and have seen just about everything. My latest love is to run rc sailing yachts. I currently sail the Soling class. Solings are 39" long and have a 65" mast. I don't expect you to use a Soling for the experiment due to its 10 pound keel. The sailboat must be a manufactured hull and have the sails on it and the keel. I believe this to be a monumental challenge. Overcoming the weight factor of the keel and the wind action on the sails will be most of the challenge.
A nice touch would be to land the creation on a lake and sail it back to the shore. I have some ideas on how this could be done, but I am anxious and curious to see how you would do it!
I hope this can be one of your new projects for youtube. Thanks.


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A challenge indeed!

As an RC enthusiast and a sailing nerd myself (though no rc sailing stuff... yet) I'd like to see this!

Almost has to be square rigged though doesn't it?

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Hello! I am a big fan of your stuff. Since you are always asking for us to tell you what to make fly, I would like to see you make an rc sailboat (*any size) fly.
You need to clarify what you mean by that.

I think it's possible to build an RC model that transforms between a catamaran with two wing-sails and an aircraft with two sail-wings, and to switch between modes. That would be really impressive.

It's also possible to buy an RC sailboat off the shelf, weigh it, and glue on enough lift motors to achieve flight. That would be boring.
@CampRobber... Using lift motors to fly an "off the shelf" sailboat is not what I had in mind. That would only be making it into a weird quadcopter. I believe a stock, off the shelf, sailboat could be modified to do a linear flight with the addition of wings and /or stabilizers/ canards. My expectation would be to use the sail as a type of vertical stabilizer and rudder. The sail could be "stiffened" or replaced with a "rigid sail wing" . The keel would be an inverted vertical stabilizer as well. The greatest challenge would be turning the vehicle since the weight bulb would counteract the normal "tilt" required to achieve a proper turn. The hull is already in a general fuselage shape, so no major shape changes should be needed. A motor and prop should be able to mount to the bow of the hull ( or the stern ) without very much trouble. The hull is already designed to house the electronics. I hope this helps define the expectations. ( I double dog dare you! ) LOL
Don't forget... the mods I am describing should allow the boat to still be able to sail in a lake. It would be nice to land it in the water and "sail" it back to the shore. Thinking some more, I believe it should also be possible to launch from the water. Wish I was on the design team to test these theories. Hope to see it happen. :-O