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Flying the RCP F-18

Here's a short video that has some ground and POV footage blended together.

I hope to get some footage the next time of the parachute drop I have attached under the wing.
Video operator didn't have record turned on when we did the drop :eek: and there was no time for a reset.

I'm also going to work out a better mount location for the on-board camera so there is less obstruction.
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Full Circle
Nice video Revj! Were you flying in a little of a high alpha? Looks like the Dice Camera is pretty good for the price!


Full Circle
Lol. It looked like it was doing high alpha a little. I really liked how you put the actual onboard camera footage and then the ground footage. Always love those types of videos since they are not very common, in my opinion. Good Job!
Actually, its not as hard as you might think.
All I did was put my ground footage above my POV footage.
I didn't have a sound cue to line them up, so I lowered the opacity on the top layer so I could eye-ball them into alignment. Then I cut away all the ground footage I didn't want which then exposed the lower layer's POV footage to fill in the gap.

I'm sure there are a dozen other ways to do it, but for me that was the quick and easy way to go.