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Flying transmitter

I got off this one fairly lightly. But after purchasing my Sky Climber, I decided that as with everyone else I had watched, it was kind of important to have your transmitter on a lanyard.

SO... having a spare one from one of my work security passes, I swapped it on to my transmitter... job done!

Well it was fine for about 5 flights, but this past weekend, as I did a quick turn to grab a battery, I watched my transmitter fly off in front of me. Unfortunately, the gliding properties of the said transmitter weren't up to the standard that I had hoped for and it made an unscheduled landing about 3 feet from where I was standing as it skimmed across the gravel carpark.

The lanyard, normally designed for holding something the size of a credit card, let go where the cord is pressed into the aluminium plate. In hindsight, I realise that aint surprising. Fortunately my transmitter still works and just has a few racing stripes.

this happened to me too, except i tried to put a spring inbetween the transmitter and my landyard. that lasted one day. dropped my wonderful transmitter and it wouldnt turn on :O i was scared haha but turns out i just had to fix the battery contacts. it landed on the sticks too, so i was lucky! lesson here, USE A BULKY LANYARD! :D