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Flysky TGY-I6 range problems


New member
Hi guys,
I have had my dji f450 with a fly sky radio for a while now, about a month and a bit. However the last two days it fell out the sky and landed in two peoples back gardens. I've done a test where I power the receiver off a RC car's power and skateboard away. As I skate away I watch the receiver signal disappear of my transmitter screen. I've done the test in different areas with different receivers. Each time the signal dissapears to the near meter even with different receivers. I am now thinking it must be something to do with the transmitter and I am considering buying a whole new radio system. Could I have the range test button problem? Thanks


Senior Member
The problem with the range test button is that its a range test button in name only FlySky forgot to implement it in the firmware.

If you are using the stock iA6 receiver that has a known range issue in that its designed for park flyers so a need for a long range is not needed. If you want a more normal range get yourself one of their iA6B receivers they are tested as working at more than a kilometre.

Your test is not going to be accurate as its not tested under flying conditions ie the receiver is not up in the air, testing at ground level will give most receivers a hard time. you also need to ensure you have followed the makers instructions regarding the receivers Arial position, 90 deg to each other IIRC