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Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver


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beaver - 2.jpg beaver - 5.jpg

The Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver is available as a RTF (ready-to-fly) and TX-R (Transmitter-ready) versions! A Tactic TTX600 6 Channel 2.4 GHz radio with SLT is included as well.


AnyLink allows you to use your own controller with the TX-R version.

beaver - 4.jpg

This RC airplane also features conventional landing gear, with a steerable tail wheel and includes floats, steerable floats! Great for water or even snow landings.

beaver - 3.jpg

Check out our Floats on Snow episode here.
http://flitetest.com/articles/floats_on_the_snow?q=snow floats

Tinted windows on the canopy reveal a detailed cockpit with seats and a display panel on the interior. The Beaver also has working navigation and landing lights.

beaver - 7.jpg beaver - 8.jpg

Carbon fiber spares reinforce the wings which are setup with flaps.

beaver - 10.jpg beaver - 9.jpg beaver - 6.jpg

This plane has a great look and it flies even better! This foam airplane is setup with a powerful motor which allows for some very fun flying, we had no trouble performing loops, rolls, and knife edges.

beaver - 12.jpg beaver - 22.jpg beaver - 17.jpg

Thanks again to Hobbico for sending this out for us to review! To find out more about this airplane check out the link below:

Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver

beaver - 1.jpg beaver - 16.jpg beaver - 11.jpg beaver - 23.jpg beaver - 18.jpg beaver - 14.jpg beaver - 15.jpg


Seriously, you guys aren't helping me out at all with this review. I had out this plane out of my mind completely, but now its making me drool, again. Argh!


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Living in an area that lives and breaths the DH2, this is definitely one of my dream planes to own.

The elves are busy with a "dark side" build for Christmas, but this looks like it could be an early spring gift next year!


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I was super excited to see this review. I am one of the people who requested that Flyzone send you stuff (I have a Calypso that was reviewed in a thread in the glider section), and I have really, really wanted this airplane since I saw it on their webpage. I am thrilled that y'all liked it, and have decided that it will be mine, come early January.
Thank you, FT.
Why is it called a BEAVER?

The DeHavilland Beaver was so named because it was designed and built in the late 1940s, initially by DeHavilland Canada for service in the northern forest, west coast and the Yukon / Northwest Territories. "Since de Havilland Canada aircraft were all named after animals, it was decided that the new bush plane was much like the hard-working beaver." (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Canada_DHC-2_Beaver)

Just thought you all might like to know :0)