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Old Flyzone Beaver Battery question


I'm trying to help my 10 year old son who has been flying for a few years now.

We fixed up an older Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver "Island Wings" edition. We only had one battery for it, a 11.1V, 2100mAh, 20C battery. We have several 11.1V, 2200mAh, 25C batteries in our parts stash. The old 2100 battery is no longer working. Can we use the 2200 batteries?

The manual recommends either an 1800mAh 20C or a 2100mAh 20C battery. The motor is a 40mm 850kV outrunner and the ESC is a 40A. Both appear to be original. It has a 12x6 prop which is recommended.

Thanks in advance! We are still learning!!!


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The bigger battery will be fine, just watch the centre of gravity, not too nose heavy. Lighter would be better but 100mah capacity won’t add too much weight.


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C rating is the discharge peak @1000mah. The battery doesn’t push current to the motor, the motor responds to the load put upon it, drawing current from the battery. More C rating is better, I never buy flight batteries less than 40C even in the larger sizes.

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The beaver is a slow flying low KV motor and doesnt require a high C rating.

you can fly full throttle the entire flight and wont warm the battery..........you will be fine

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I understand....... I actually fly the DHC beaver too....mine doesnt seem to care what battery is in it as long as its just 3S;)

have you flown it before? they are great easy scale flyers, they take off in 15 ft
I fly mine on floats only
He has flown it several times on the old battery. We live in the desert of Southern Utah so not many options for floats. We fixed it up with wheels. Thankfully the new Turbo Beaver has many of the same parts so we could fix up the older version. Our Beaver always pulls strong left from ground takeoff. We've never figured out why. He counters it with right rudder. It's his largest plane and makes him a bit nervous to fly. He has a Simple Cub, UMX Timber, UMX Radian. I, Dad, am in the process of building a Tiny Trainer for me that he will (hopefully) tow up and release initially. Great fun! Thanks for the help on our battery upgrade!
mine pulls and I counter with rudder on the water aswell , I was going to say "I just got used to it" but now that we are talking about it....
This season I changed to a smaller dia 3 blade to stop the prop/water splash people with floats experience....it did stop splashing on my FPV cam but maybe thats why I dont notice the pull anymore?
I will pay attention to that next time I fly it
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