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Flyzone is a sponsor?


Senior Member
I just opened up Flitetest for the first time in a few days, and saw a sidebar ad for Flyzone. I just wanted to say that it warms the cackles of my tiny, black heart to see them here. I really, really like my calypso, and would love to see their other planes reviewed.


Senior Member
I feel like that counts. And, regarding the beaver: lol. Still, I want one. $230 seems like a lot, but I bet the damn servos will work, unlike my $70 AXN floater. :)

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
My sensei has been the ugliest, most horrible looking sweet heart of a plane I've ever had.
That plane took flaps, 19 gram servo's, double power, you name it.
Airsoft is in its future as well.:black_eyed:
Side bar adds will look deep into your past and try to find something to link too. I looked up the Bixler and the next page I opened had bixler adds top and side banner. Strange co-incidence? I looked up that monocoupe to see if shipping really was 60 bucks for a 120 buck airplane and the next page, monocoupe's in the boxes. So I looked for the Blender and got a Bed, bath and Beyond add.