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Flyzone micro cub review.

Foam Addict

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Hey all.
I got home from my grandparent's house today, and had something waiting on my doorstep.
I opened it up expecting a HZ champ, but no, Something better!


I got a box. But what was in the box?




I quickly installed the AA's and got the 140 MAh Lipo cell charging, and read the instruction manual.



Struts were next.


Carrier ops off the Ironing board?


Okay, it looks good, so now I have to beg a ride to my park!

Foam Addict

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I got a ride, so off to the park, on the box it said that a flight time of 10 minutes was possible... Hmm.


Flight characteristics were trainer like, however I was able to execute 2 barrel rolls and a loop before settling into scale flight.


Takeoffs would have been easier if I wouldn't have had a crosswind, but were possible until the battery ran down to far to clear the grass.


I was able to fly for 16 minutes in a light wind, occasionally flirting with a stall, but I was very impressed with this flight time.

All in all, this is a great plane, but NOT for a beginner when flown outdoors. I do not have an Indoor Venue that is easily accessible, so I can't vouch for that. If you have 70$, and want a first micro, pick one up as soon as you can. This is a great little RET aerobat outside.

Easy assembly.
Real servos!
Plenty of power.
Maneuverable as I'll get out!
Lands nicely.
Nice wheels.

Instruction manual could be better.
Struts pop off every 3 to 4 landings.
EDIT: My prop was very fragile, and disintegrated on a gentle nose over.
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Hostage Taker of Quads
FA, nice review!

That looks like a good answer to the PZ Champ.

Have you played with the champ to compare it against?

Foam Addict

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Thank you, I was getting worried...

This is really an answer to PZ UMs, especially with all the TX Ready aircraft out there.

I've never even seen a champ outside of FT, but it flies lighter than most UM I've flown. that being said, this is my first UM that I've actually owned. Tonight I broke the prop on a light landing nose over, I hope that this is Isolated. I modded it with reduced Dihedral and a TGS 5x5, which I would not recommend. A GWS 4.75x4.75 would be better. It does hover well now though!

I will amend my above statement. Yes it is a trainer, No I would not train someone on it.
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