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Foam-Planes flyer wants to start in balsa kits


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And I just received a shipping notice from Radical RC - order placed Friday March 8 and shipped Monday March 11 - pretty good response time!
And delivered today March 14th. So 4 days of shipping time, 6 days total from order to hands on kit. I'm quite happy with that! :D


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Hi! Today my package arrived, which means I can start building the Cub. I guess it's not gonna be easy, so maybe I'll make a post in the forums if I need help. Any advice before I start?
All the plane's I've flown are made out of foam. I was thinking in build a balsa plane after designing my own foam plane, and that's what I was doing until my PC crashed. I'm currently getting it repaired, but it will take a few weeks and I surely won't be able to recover the data, including the plans I was making. So I decided to make a balsa plane now, and later build the foamie I was designing.
The problem is that I don't know where to start. I've seen a few post with tons of balsa kits, but all of them are trainers. I think my flying skills aren't bad at all, so I'm not looking for a trainer, just a easy-to-build plane. I really like the Piper Cub J-3 and I would love to do the 1200mm kit from Banggood since I can use the 3S 2200mAh batteries I already have, and maybe put a FPV System inside it, like in this video.
I've read in the posts that those cheap kits are always a bad option due the quality and instructions.
So, what do I do? Is it too soon for the 1'2m kit? Should I buy another kit before that? I don't want to have many planes either. Maybe there's a easy-to-build plane that I can also use for FPV?
I recently finished building the hobbyking Ugly Stik that was a lot of fun to build. its square construction makes it a good introduction, and the wood is of good enough quality. I would recommend sheeting the fuselage in 1/32 and adding an extra spar to the wings, but else it is a great kit