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Foam type and laser cutting


Junior Member
Hello all,

I would like to start building some of the swappable scratchbuilds shown on the flitetest shows. I'm currently searching for the good type of foam. I have depron but it is not rigid and it would not bend but brake when making wings. I see you're using foam board from Dollar tree. Unfortunately I'm not able to order from them in Belgium so I searched for the same type of foam here in Europe and found this :


"polystyrene core backed onto a card and paper liner foam board" it sounds like the same type of foam, is there anyone here who can confirm what is used on the flitetest show ? Is 5mm the thickness ? Is this the right kind of foam ?

Question 2 : I am able to use a laser cutting machine to cut the foam boards. The machine is a 120Watt CO2 cutting machine with air extraction so no risk of toxic fumes getting out during cut.

Do you have any idea what would be good power and speed settings for that kind of foam ?

Thank you very much,

If you have depron then use that. Tape the back side of the fold with a clear packing tape, 3m crystal clear comes to mind, score and fold as shown on the plans. The tape prevents the foam from breaking and you end up with a smooth curve for your wing. Let us know how you are progressing. WJ.