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Foamboard DLG?


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I saw a 4x4 sheet of foam board on sale at a large hobby store, and for some reason I just immediately got the idea to make a DLG.
I am thinking of a golf shaft fuse, balsa spar, and foam board with a KF step for wing surface.
Has anyone ever done anything like this?
I would love to see what the FT staff would come up with.
Foamboard holding up to repeated discus launches....man I just don't see it. I could be wrong but just searched youtube, rcgroups and several other forums for foamboard DLG(s)....no luck...has to be a reason as to why no one is building from foamboard and any halfway descent smallish DLG worth a dime can't be had for anything other less than $150US. DLG(s) are for rich, rosy cheeked Scandinavians with super model girlfriends anyways.


Rotor Riot!
DLG's need to be extremely rigid to withstand the high G-forces of the launch. You would need a few carbon spars in it to strengthen it enough.


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Part of the reason I suggested it was because it would be difficult. I think I will give it a go, but it would be interesting to see what others come up with.


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my mini-DLG...

$1 store foam (2 layers w/ KFM1) and a carbon arrow i found. used 1 carbon rod wing support and 2 BBQ skewwers

cost of plane $0

recycled all the electronics from another crash. it is heavy, yes. i used what i had available which meant using a 12A ESC with all its wiring so i had a BEC to run the servos. the lightest battery i had was a 2S-800mha. i am messing with using 4 AAA lipos in series but have not finished the set-up yet.

test flew it today in a good breeze and was happy that it flew. it was still in beta mode so the battery kept moving and messing with the CG and the rear controls needed more authority but i was happy.

took it home and doubled the size of the rudder and elevator, then formed a nose cone to hold and secure the battery.

139g regrettably, but i will take it for my first attempt and $0 we will see how it flies tomorrow.

currently using a 2S-800mha, 12A BLheli ESC, 2-5g servos, orange receiver w/ case removed.





jason ;)