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Folding props?


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Geez, I almost hate to post another question for fear of wearing out my welcome!! BUT....

Why don't people that are just learning to fly (such as myself) make use the folding props you see on powered gliders? There must be a good reason not to as I've not seen it done.

Anybody have the answer?



Dedicated foam bender
They are usually heavier and less efficient. A glider uses them for limited times during the flight, mainly for climb to altitude. They are also more prone to bending a motor shaft in a less than graceful landing. Expendable props are a much cheaper "fuse" in the chain and that's why they are used as such. It's also why, even though they are called prop savers, their true purpose is motor shaft saver. They do occasionally save the prop, but almost never bend a shaft.


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Folding props are normally not less efficient - But expensive. Look for Graupner CAM or Aeronaut for good folding props.
Cheap props might not be as efficient - regardless if they are folding or not.
No propeller or plane are made for crashes.
I know people using foding props on "normal" planes if they do not have any gear and belly land - but not crach land.