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Folding wing mix. Need help.


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at 10:00 min in on this video...

Peter is explaining the folding wings and it is mentioned that you can make a mix to disable all the controls when the wing is folded.

anyone know this mix? i am using a Spektrum Dx8.


me :cool:


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so i played around with it today and had ZERO luck.

i just had a crazy idea though but not sure it will work.

what if i put the elevon mix on a switch instead of just "on"??? would that disable the movements or would it just make it like a normal 4 channel until switch is flipped?

gonna grab my Tx and find out.


me :cool:


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nope, if you select "elevon" as wing type it does not show any special mixes in the menu. :cautious:

what i i use Dual Rates and limit travel to zero?


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I’m not a Spectrum guy.
In general, I’d put the wing fold on something like the gear switch. Then I’d setup 2 mixes gear to elevator and gear to ailerons, both setting the dual rates to zero.

I think a better choice would be, just move the elevons and their servos further out, past the wing fold. There is just no need to make the control surface part of the wing fold.


4s mini mustang
On my dx8 I can set up different rate modes. You can just set up a new mode with the rates at 0, so nothing moves. You could also set this up on the same switch as your wing folding mechanism so that it works automatically.