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Formation FPV Ducted Fan Flying! - Awesome flying here


Senior Member
Wow that's amazing. I wonder if they had all those cameras on at the same time or taken the shots seperately to combine it together...
WOW, Nice footage,and a great edit. Pilots and planes were fantastic... Certainly not what I expected... Maybe we could get the Josh's to do something like that? :) Maybe using the HK FPV Planes since Josh Scott probably is not ready for this size L-39.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D

You gotta take into account that Josh Scott was the one who took over the that plane which Josh B has kinda lost control of and landed it as well!!!


Monkey/Bear Poker
That was amazing!!! Best footage I have seen for any FPV! Would have loved to have seen all three L-39's flying at once!

Thanks for sharing!!!