Fowl Flyer - FPV Swappable


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You've been asking for an FPV swappable fuselage, so we thought we'd bring back the Fowl Flyer! A smaller foam board version of the original and this RC flyer is designed to fit with your swappable fuselage!

Fowl Flyer fpv 5.jpg Fowl Flyer fpv 19.jpg

Designed with easy access to your GoPro or FPV camera of choice with a nose that can open.

Fowl Flyer fpv 7.jpg Fowl Flyer fpv 6.jpg

It doesn't take much power to fly this airplane.

Fowl Flyer fpv 1.jpg Fowl Flyer fpv 4.jpg

In high wind, you'll get thrown around in the air, but it's a fun airplane to fly.

Fowl Flyer fpv - 2.jpg Fowl Flyer fpv 3.jpg

This Fowl Flyer can do aerobatics, the roll rate is great! Easy to fly, bank and yank.

Fowl Flyer fpv 13.jpg Fowl Flyer fpv 9.jpg
Fowl Flyer fpv 8.jpg Fowl Flyer fpv 10.jpg
Fowl Flyer fpv 12.jpg Fowl Flyer fpv 11.jpg
Fowl Flyer fpv 14.jpg Fowl Flyer fpv 16.jpg
Fowl Flyer fpv 18.jpg

We'll have a full build for this swappable scratch build, stay tuned for that!


If it's RC I can crash it
Who has made one? I am planning one for my next build. Goingto add rudder too.


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I always seem to see different fpv gear being used on the show.. I would love to see a rundown of what gets used most often (I see fatsharks a lot) and why. I have seen the choosing frequencies video and a few others, but never any real solid info on what you use and why it works for you. If this video or info is already out, please kindly point me in that direction :) Going to build one of these when I get back in town in a few weeks.