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FPV Bomb sight challange


Junior Member
Was watching your YouTube channel with my sons, and we thought .... what if they try to make a bomb sight using FPV gear! You could do it similar to the way they did it in WWII, basically a down/and forward looking camera with cross hairs and fly at a known altitude and speed. You could use telemetry in your "bomb sight goggles" to relay that data to the pilot. Of course you would need to "sight it in" using trial and error. Wind would be a factor, so a still day would be ideal. It would be interesting to see how small of a target you could hit and how high you could drop from. - cheers!
I like Jazz's idea. I also liked the FPV bomb vid. But, it's not quite what Jazz is asking for, as I see it.

Setting up FPV camera with crosshairs set such that at altitude, and given speed (both known constants) one can predictably release a 'bomb' and it should fall to the target in the middle of the crosshairs. Guided bombs are great, and also take skill to 'fly' in autonomously, or by manual direction. But, to fly up on a select target from above and lay waste to it with no further input after release is a true test of skill and luck.

I agree. Would love to see FT fly a large WWII style bomber and bomb the foamy factory below... while being attacked by fighters aloft.