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FPV Challenge


I make this contest for everyone.


- No flight stablization in the plane
- No cheating
- FPV Plane with fpv gear

Go with a friend who you can trust. First step is to take your plane to two mistakes high in a meadow or something. Dont do I above a city. Fly away for about 2 minutes. You are going to close your eyes and your friend is going to watch the monitor. Your friend will tell you how to get back to your position. (You can land the plane with your eyes open)

Lets see who has the guts to try it.


Rotor Riot!
When I let my friends fly my Bixler, I'm telling them all the time "left-right-right-back-up-left-right-right-down-right-left". I don't have FPV yet so no contest for me...


Propaganda machine
Haha, a game for the young, rich and silly methinks... Reminds me of a game I used to play in the cricket nets, where the batsman closes his eyes and the bowler tells him what shot to play!