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FPV Dive Bomb Dart Challenge


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What better way to start the week off than with a challenge... an FPV challenge!

dive bomb - 4.jpg

Josh and Chad compete in a dart drop target challenge. Flying FPV, the RC pilot to drop the most flag darts in the target wins!

dive bomb - 2.jpg

The 'darts' are lawn marker flags that can be found at most home improvement stores. Dropping these kind of darts can be dangerous, so don't try this at home.

dive bomb - 7.jpg

The 3 point target is setup in a square ring formation, with a 1 point outer ring, 5 point mid-ring, and the 10 point bullseye.

dive-bomb-1.jpg dive bomb - 11.jpg

Josh and Chad are both flying a Twinstar equipped with a GoPro FPV setup.

dive bomb - 5.jpg dive bomb - 6.jpg

The fun part of this challenge is that Chad and Josh are flying for active FliteTest.com authors!
Josh is flying for
and Chad is flying for
dive bomb - 8.jpg dive bomb - 10.jpg

Thanks again to viewers like you! Keep on being active on the website and forum and you may be chosen for the next challenge!!

dive bomb - 13.jpg

More information about FPV Twinstar setup available here



Thank you guy for choosing me as a beneficiary of such a cool challenge and prize pack! Awesome new stickers for my awesome new laptop!

Really, this is a well-needed pick-me-up after a horrible day in school. I spent my entire Sunday building a simple wind tunnel and airfoil test apparatus to give the kids a hands-on activity in relation to Bernoulli's Principle. Their behavior today reached a new low in disrespect. I have many kids who are so helpless that they freak out over having to calculate the volume of a sphere, given the equation AND the radius (for a buoyancy activity). All they have to do is punch in the numbers on a calculator. These are 9th graders! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!

And, to top it off, I took my new Wing Surfer out for a flight tonight and it is failing range check. Double Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!

Thanks! You definitely put a smile on my face! :D


Elemental Madness
Sweet! When you guys showed a post of teach's profile it was like:
"Carbon responded to "
"Carbon posted"
Sorry for cluttering up your profile Teach, and congrats winners!
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Monkey/Bear Poker
Congrats to you both!!! Good to see people being recognized here other than Colorex!!! LOL Just kidding!!!

Great show guys, keep up the good work!!!!!