Bush Plane Challenge III, 2022


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Bush Plane Challenge

Join me in trying to build the best FT style Bush Plane!

There will be some changes to the BPC this year. Now that we have some experience seeing what worked for people before we can come up with a reasonable points system that might make things easier. I'll try to keep it simple and it should help make it easier for more people to join in the fun!

The contest will consist of 3 challenges:

1.) PAYLOAD (10 Points)

A good bush plane must have a useful payload when hauling supplies into remote areas. Contestants will compete to see who's design has the highest payload-to-weight ratio. The aircraft must have a proven flight before the weight is added to count as the "official weigh in" before adding the "payload" weight. To attempt this challenge the competitor must first weigh his craft in full flying trim and then add as much weight as he can to the plane and still complete an un assisted take off, make a turn, and land again in the same area. The plane must be able to complete the loaded flight and landing without excessive damage. (i.e. it should be able to take off again without repair) To get the full 10 points a plane must lift a payload equal to 100% of its body weight. 1 point will be deducted for each 10% if under 100%. (i.e. plane that lifts 50% of its weight will get 5 points)

2.)Handling and Endurance (10 Points)
Any back country plane must be durable and the pilot skilled. For this challenge each contestant must attempt the most take offs and landings he can without having to touch the plane. The pilot will do as many circuits as he can before he crashes, the plane is damaged, or the battery depletes. Pilot must land, then execute at least a 180 degree turn, then take off. If you have calm enough weather to take off in the opposite direction you landed, fine. If you have a bit of a breeze, a full 360 may be required. Dealer choice. To get the full 10 points a plane must make 20 take offs and landings. 1 Point will be deducted for every 2 landings short of 20. (i.e. A plane that makes 11 take offs and landings will receive 5 points)

3.)STOL exhibition (10 Points)
The STOL ability of both pilot and machine are critical for a successful back country mission. In this challenge the pilot must find the most creative and challenging place to land and take off again. The twist here will be that the winner will be determined by vote from the pilots and the audience. Because this event is judged it would behoove the pilot to push his skills and the design of his machine to the limit. Even a spectacular fail, if entertaining enough, could win the crowds favor. Winner of the STOL video will receive 10 points, 2nd place will get 8, 3rd place will get 5, and anyone else who completes will get 2 points.

  • - Each pilot is to post a short video of his craft completing each challenge to be considered for the competition.
  • -Any FT style home built fixed wing aircraft is welcome and individual threads of the build process are encouraged but not required. The craft can also be one that has been previously constructed, does not need to be built solely for this challenge. No size limits, no motor restrictions.
  • Batteries and props may be changed for different stages but the airframe must remain the same (repairs are allowed)
  • Contestants can build and enter multiple planes
  • Have Fun!
The winner will get to select a prize from the flite test store, either A flight test power pack, 50 pack of foam board, or a ProTek 620ez balance charger.

If anyone else has any goodies they would like to donate as 2nd or 3rd place prizes just let me know.

The challenge will conclude one week after the end of Flite Fest!
Judging will be held for 72hrs upon conclusion of the contest.

Good luck!
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I wouldn't use that word, you may awake the beast....

Can we use an airplane that we've already built? Think my knock off extreme flight cub would be perfect for the challenge.


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Can I join as an unofficial contestant this year? I’m not saying I’ll be good enough to win or anything, but if I do I feel like it would be pretty unfair to take the prize again ya know...


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Im glad its only 20 landings. I tried to watch a video of me just takeoff and landing and coundnt stay awake to count much higher. Also running out of digits, you know.

Im bringing my Simple Stinson Vigilant and Dornier (amphibious ?) Mashup thing for starters.


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I have the perfect plane for the job. 1/4 scale piper pa12 that I’m building this summer. Should haul 4 pounds payload easy, and runs with a 6s 10,000mah battery. Lots of power for all those landings. Oh also @Hondo76251 I should update you that I moved and now have 3 acres for flying, with an unimproved airstrip and soon a STOL drag course going in.


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@Taildragger That'll be contender for sure!

Great news about the new flying options! Haven't been on here a while 🤪

Sure makes me grateful to live where I do when i watch people that have to struggle with getting everything loaded and moved just to enjoy the hobby for an hour. Wonderful windy Wy here, if I didnt fly right at sunrise or sunset, most days wouldn't be much fun. Would probably only fly once a month at best if "Saturday" was the only day I could get to the airfield.