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FPV Diversity Module Shootout: LaForge v4 vs TrueD v3.6 vs Pro58 AΣ+ vs RX5808 AΣv2


FPV Diversity Module Shootout: LaForge v4 vs TrueD v3.6 vs Pro58 AΣ+ vs RX5808 AΣv2

FPV Diversity Module Shootout - LaForge v4 VS TrueD v3.6 VS Pro58 AchilleΣ+ VS RX5808 AchilleΣ v2:
PART 1 - Antenna Swap test

"THE BEST" diversity receiver module for your FPV Goggles is a term that is very difficult to quantify and to objectively award to a product.
In this series of FPV VRx module testing, I decided to reduce the variables to a minimum and analyze DVR footage like it has not been done before - you can find below a more detailed description of the test rig and methodology.

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UBAD LaForge v4:
https://goo.gl/WsG2Li (UBAD)
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https://goo.gl/86vttb (Drone-FPV-Racer)
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Eachine Pro58:
https://goo.gl/fFKU2n (Banggood)
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https://goo.gl/3WFNQ7 (Banggood)

FuriousFPV True-D v3.6:
https://goo.gl/fNNeXA (FuriousFPV)
https://goo.gl/Dy1rge (Banggood)
https://goo.gl/NfywvJ (Banggood)
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https://goo.gl/WRUrpo (HobbyKing)

Realacc RX5808 Pro Plus:
https://goo.gl/YDSFQm (Banggood)
https://goo.gl/xB4YzB (Ebay)
https://goo.gl/xRo27X (Banggood)

AchilleΣ firmware website:

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CREDITS FOR PART 1: Huge thanks to
KokoblokoFPV for his mad piloting and his patience: https://goo.gl/gxK4Z9
Hoonigan for his LaForge v4: https://goo.gl/No5Szz
TonyFPV for his True-D v3.6 and Menace Invader: https://goo.gl/zXNBYv
Hobbytrip.gr for the AXII antennas: https://goo.gl/KxzUJ4
TsirosFPV for his Menace Invaders: https://goo.gl/rjLM3q
Lee13 for his Menace Invaders: https://goo.gl/b6PQsF

The test rig is hand-made, using mostly wooden and plastic surfaces, mounts and screws. All the wires are the exact same type and length, with the power wires routed separately from the twisted pairs of video wires. The modules are equally spaced and held firmly into place. The omni antennas are all Lumenier AXII, attached via 90 degree adapters and mounted vertically, upright. The patch antennas are all Menace Invader, attached via 45 degree adapters and facing the same way. Also, the exact same DVR units, BECs and L/C filters have been used and the whole rig is powered from a single 4S LiPo battery.
All the modules are on stock settings and were calibrated properly, using a TBS Unify at 25mW, on 5800MHz.

This test series is split in 3 parts. The 1st part is the "Antenna Swap" test, where each set of omni/patch antennas was moved to the next VRx module, after each test run. The test was conducted in an outdoor area, with a quad using a TBS Unify VTx at 25mW, on F4 (5800MHz) frequency.
Thousands of frames have been analyzed and compared via software and then cross-checked manually. Noise and blur data have been collected, organized and "translated" into an easier-to-understand format, in the graphs at the end of the 4 test runs.
This 1st part is not only meant to identify the performance of each module, but to also confirm that none of the antenna sets used for these tests have any kind of tendency, advantage or disadvantage, compared to the other sets.
Part 2 is the "Outdoor Track" test and Part 3 is the "Indoor Track" test, both including multiple quads in the air at the same time.

NOTE FOR TEST RUN #3: I was wondering why the Pro58 was struggling in some parts of this flight. After reviewing the footage over and over again, it turns out that the quad was on the far right of the test rig, out of sight of the patch antenna and with the omni of the Pro58 being obscured by all the omni antennas of the other 3 modules and the DVR units. Next to the Pro58 was the True-D, then the RX5808 and last, unobscured, the LaForge.

Number of frames per "quality range" for each module and test run:
Frames per noise range.png
(the number next to each module is the antenna set used, from 1 to 4, swapped around from one test to the other)

Average allocation of noise (overall results of all test runs):
AVG allocation of noise.png

Enjoy !