FPV fixed wing aircraft


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I’m just getting into FPV and I wasn’t sure about goggles and electronics. I’m doing a fixed wing aircraft help would be very much appreciated.


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My only experience flying FPV is with my racing quad. If the Eachine EV200D goggles are still on the market, they are great value for their price. I did find visual signal got a bit choppy so I upgraded the VRx module (many goggles come in such a way that it is easy to change out the VRx module) and fitted it and the Catch with Foxeer cloverleaf antennas.

That’s some pretty dated advice though, so I dunno if there are much better options out there for analogue setups or if digital systems are cheaper now. There are a few on this forum who do a lot of FPV stuff, fixed-wing included, so I’m sure they’ll weigh in with some good tips soon.