FPV for the Poor.


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Hey All,

So, I've been looking into FPV for my 250mm Frame and I was wondering if I could get any tips.

I'm unfortunately on a shoestring budget and therefore I won't be shelling out for any Fat Sharks etc. any time soon. What I was wondering was whether any of you have looked into having an FPV transmit to Phone or Tablet? I was thinking as a decent cost saving exercise, I could use WiFi a WiFi Transmitter or similar to an android app?

So basically, I'm wondering if any of you could share your experiences / recommendations? While I'm still trying to learn the basics, I'm worried that as I have a 250mm frame that it's going to be difficult to control / orientate at altitude without sight of where it's going from an FPV perspective?

Any suggestions on potential things to look out for in the sales?

Should anyone should have some spares knocking around that might be fit for purpose, please feel free to get in touch if you'd be willing to part with them.

Anyway, Cheers gents.


I have heard reports that the HK setup is actually pretty decent for the money. I was at a recent indoor flying event and there was a guy there with one. I didn't get to check it out but my flying buddy did and was impressed with it.

I actually have plans to get that setup myself. Just waiting to see how much my car is going to be to get repaired. :mad:


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I think for flying a mini quad, you'll find the delay/lags with mobile provider or even direct wifi transmission to your mobile phone to be a problem.

This is a pretty cost-effective solution:

It's not cheap, but at about 63 quid + shipping, I think one would be hard pressed to find something even close on the used market.

I have those. They're uncomfortable, hard to fit, a bit distorted because of the focusing system, a mess of wires to power/recieve signal, and covered in tape because of light leaks...
But they are $30 and I've dropped them, stepped on them, the dog has ran across the field with them, they dont blue screen, and they simply work.


I think that the HK Goggles are great. I have a pair and my friend just got some. Although they may be a bit wonky and let light in.

Recently someone tried them on and said the resolution was better than their fat sharks!


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Recently someone tried them on and said the resolution was better than their fat sharks!

Their Field Of View (FOV) is VERY comparible to the FS Base or Dominator HD goggles -- the largest screeens they sell. Hands down, FAR more immersive than anything else in the Fatshark line.

The resolution . . . not so much. Large, they are, HD, they are NOT. the images are very blobbish and you won't see any fine detail, however couple that with a bit of static or glitching that's ever present in an FPV downlink and you won't see much improvement in resolution going to the pricier goggles.


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For more comfort, I took an old pair of ski goggles (you can just buy cheap ones -- but I recommend going to a store and taking them out of the package to fit against your face before you buy) and popped the lens out (easy, most are friction fit into a rubber gasket), then hot glued / taped it onto the goggle. The beefier strap and tighter fit against the face is great, but it does add more weight, which falls on the bridge of my nose. I've seen people add an additional strap that goes over the top of their head attached to the back of the head and the goggle, which seems like it would alleviate this issue. I was thinking about taping a modified ball cap (with visor removed) to achieve the same thing.

Yep, can't get away from the wires, and the screen resolution is not great, but suits my flying well -- including flying a NanoQX FPV indoors.