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FPV long distance challenge/competition...

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I wonder if you had a plane big enough, could you put an attenna tracker on the plan as well as the ground station, 2 high gain antennas would increase the range significantly.

A helical 5.8GHz antenna would be fairly small, might be achievable if you can get it to aim at the ground station.
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I also would love to see a contest like this. As i read and read the threads about FPV, i more and more want a FPV system by myself. Just started with an onboard cam, but i still need the micro sd and a time slot for flying :(

But im looking for it :)


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I want to do FPV, but...I dont have a plane...nor a mini camera so... for now I am unlucky. but perhaps in a few years I might get a bixler or who knows, something better.


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I do have 3 planes but neither of them is really good for FPV but as I am building a Tricopter I hope I can get a nice FPV system sooner rather then later. My passion about FPV is exponentially increasing with time :D:D:D