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FPV setup trouble shoot for 250 quad HELP


Junior Member
I have an fpv setup for my 250 quad.

For some reason I can not get an image to display on the receiving end.

Here is a parts list for the setup:

Receiving End

Turnigy Nanotech 3s 1300 mah LiPo
Quanum V2 LCD screen
RC832 5.8 AV Receiver
Circular Polarized 5.8 antennae

Transmitting End:
Turnigy Nanotech 3s 1300 mah LiPo
TS 832 transmitter
Circular Polarized 5.8 antennae
800tvl cmos IR block camera using ntsc powered from 5v to 20v
(from Great Hobbies)

I will post pictures of wiring.

The odd thing is that I have had this setup working in the past. I put it away for storage for a short time. When I brought it out of storage it was no longer working.

I have tried cycling through the channels to no avail.
Maybe there is something obvious I am missing.... not sure.

Any help would be great.



Junior Member
One of my thoughts is that it is a bad wiring job or a faulty connection somewhere. The image will often come in and out.
This usually means a poor connection somewhere or a bad solder joint.

Maybe a better question is, what is a way to make sure connections are secure and wont leave me with no signal while in the air?

Any help is great.


Junior Member
I am using the same antennas. I have narrowed it down to a connection issue on the video wire coming from the board cam. The wire was very loose. I re soldered the joint but it still does not work. I can get an intermittent image, it tends the flicker on and off when I wiggle the wire. At this point I am tempted the solder the wire directly to the board cam.
yeah, thats probably it. I guess im lucky, ive never had an issue wiht my FPV setup. Now that I said that, it will probably conk out in a day or two:p

Good luck!