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Fpv videos & photography!


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Thought this section needed this thread ;) Im just getting started into fpv myself and only been at it a couple weeks but heres a couple beginner vids ive come up with.

Looking forward to seeing this thread active for a long time and seeing some amazing videos and photography from fellow fpv'ers :)


Now lets see your amazing videos & pictures :)
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Where's the Jager??
First vid is with the HK 900Mhz 200mW setup and stock antennas. 2nd vid is with an upraded cam, different lens, and DIY patch antenna.


Where's the Jager??
Again first vid is with original HK setup. Second video is with 650tvl sony effio board cam with a dirty lens and bad editing. Video transmitter antenna is stock, DIY patch on the ground station. Second vid distance exceeds 1 mile for a brief moment.:rolleyes: