Frankenstein plane Challenge

Tc Concepts

After seeing the Build Ruary Challange to build 4 planes in the month of February I had give it a try and add a
Challenge to go along

So I have wanted to do this for a while,, Combine 2 FT planes into one.

After seeing a few post in the Resources for the FT FLYER. I decided to have a go at it. Using the planes original
plans it fly's great but if ya get the Dihedral to much it gets the wabbles and not enough and becomes unstable.

So I took the Pizza Box Wing plans and combined the two. I have to say this improved my experience.

I would like to post a CHALLENGE!!!!!!! To go along with the Build Ruary Challenge.
Combine 2 or 3 or 4 or 100 different plane plans to make a whole new plane and post your

Please share your plans in the Resources form with the rest of us along with pics