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Free, easy video editer for YouTube?

I started video editing using lightworks software. This helps me a lot to start editing when I was beginner. It is simple and initiative interface. As you mentioned you are a newbie you can use this application with no editing knowledge. The great advantage of this tool is you can prefer video tutorial it provides you at free of cost for learning. In light works you can also edit sound clip for your video to give your video a professional touch. But make sure to use high quality recorded sound using good lapel mic. Before recording carry a mic test online and check if mi is working well to record sound for videos. Otherwise you can also edit sound clip recorded by local mic. Lightworks will help you editing video nicely and easily also you can edit sounds for your video no matters which mic you use.

Now I use Adobe Premiere Pro plan to professionally edit videos for my channel. But you do not need to invest much on this. Lightworks is nice and easy software to start as a beginner. Try as per my advise.
a really easy free and simple one is openshot video editor