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Free, easy video editer for YouTube?

My building and flying is getting a lot better, but all I have so far on my YouTube is raw, unedited video clips. I'm a complete newb at video editing and would like a preferably free, easy, user friendly program for editing. Nothing fancy just need it to: 1.), edit and cut parts where the plane leaves the screen and stuff.2.), add text and music.3.) Compile a video from pieces of multiple different clips of footage. That's all I need out of it, in as easy and accessible a format as possible. Any recommendations?
use openshot(if you are useing linux)
or vsdc video editor (for windows)


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DaVinci Resolve is free and super powerful but can have a pretty steep learning curve. As always though there's tons of tutorials on YouTube.


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I recommend you to use final cut pro. It is easy to for both beginner and expert. There are some features that can help you to understand it better 1)Non-destructive Editing Clips 2) Colour-coding of Content 3) A High Degree of Organization
for more information regarding final cut pro you can click here. I personally use it.
so I used to use Openshot.....................
But now i am using Kadenlive,Which is a lot harder to use the first time ,but it is a lot more power full than openshot


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Hi, I found some free video editing software that allows you to overlay text or pictures. Here are some software HitFilm Express, Lightworks, iMovie, VideoPad, DaVinci Resolve, Final cut pro, VSDC Free Video Editor,Capcut, OpenShot, and Shotcut. But I suggest Capcut. This software runs in both ios and windows. I wouldn't recommend any paid version because the free version allows almost the same features.