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Fresno Flyers

Does anyone fly out in Fresno Ca. I am looking for a rc club or meeting area to fly my planes. I am recently back to the hobby and just itchin to get my version of rip slinger (FT Racer) up in the air. Thanks to flight test for the plans. Much appreciated! My son and I were able to build this one together....great memories there! thanks again flight test!

ft racer rip.png


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Not in fresno i do visit it often. Im from Porterville ca. I have no clue where any flying fields are at since i have 40 acres around me to fly. sorry and welcome to the group:)


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Im in Fresno also. The only real place I am aware of is Madera field. I am very new and too intimidated to go out to that field. I fly in the fields on fowler ave along with some heli guys.

Doing it with my 6 yr old but its tough because he enjoys crashing :)


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The Madera field is nice. Dry and dusty, but nice. I live in Selma. Madera is too far for me to do on a regular basis. Thankfully, I can fly out of my yard.
I'm from porterville too, In the Fresno area it's the Fresno rc club, good bunch of guys, there field is out north of the children's hospital

I was a member of the Exeter Skyhawks, Also a good club but I have not flown r/c in a while, I have been working in my instrument rating for full scale