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FT -22 Raptor electronics


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Hello, not totally sure if I'm posting in the right section, but this does concern a FT design.

After some past failures a few years ago, I've decided to give scratch building one more try. I haven't flown an aircraft before, but will practise on the simulator before flying. I've tried to make it as simple as possible so I don't have to buy any more electronics, so I can just see if I can get this to work finally.

My plan was to build an FT-22 Raptor (since I have the simple firewall laying around and I think a pusher would save on props, and broken firewalls, etc.)

The electronics was where I wanted to make sure it'll work (especially since I'm a new flyer)

I have:

A motor I took from an old AXN floater jet

A 30 amp ESC

1000Mah 2 cell and 3 cell lipos (would a 2 cell be too underpowered to even get this thing off the ground?)

9g servos

6x5E propeller (the plans recommend a 9x4.7 slow fly, so I was concerned here)

Apologies for the long post, but would these electronics make the plane work reasonably well for a beginner, and not shoot off into the sunset never to be seen again?

Any input would be appreciated, thanks for your time!

Also, if you have any alternative recommendations, I'd really appreciate those as well. I'd really like to finally get into the hobby, but have just had quite a few setbacks!


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I can't find the specs about the thrust weight it can produce but I think it would fit good on the Tiny Trainer, which is an excellent trainer plane if you haven't flown in the past. Good luck.


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As noted by the others, I think that will work well in the Tiny Trainer, run a 6x4 APC type prop. I run an 1806 2400kv on my Tiny Trainer, with small 2s packs. It flies great.
It’s much easier than the F22 to learn on. You can make it up as a 3 channel, 4 channel or even a 2 channel glider and it is modular so new parts are easy to make. The firewalls are available cheaply on the FT store or you can cut them out of hobby ply very easily. Same for control horns etc.