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Ft 2207-2400 Radial


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anyone else have issues with this motor?

running on their recommended setup, 4S w/ a 5x4.5 prop on a mini-arrow.

first flight was fine, second it lost power but was able to glide back to field, third flew perfect and i was hammering it with speed, today i had an aborted launch (not a big deal) but when i went to re-launch the motor would not spin and you could smell a very distinct blue smoke kinda smell. both the motor and the esc were hot and they had hardly even been spun up. not sure whats up?

gonna send an email to FT customer support and hope that their warranty is all they say it is.

kinda bummed to say the least.

me :cool:


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Your motor burned out, the ESC got hot because the coils were shorting out. You should just get a new motor under warranty.
There‘s tons of other motors in that size, since it’s a common quad motor.


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i know there are several other options, i was given a gift card from FT and wanted to try one of their "new" motors. honestly that is the only reason i got it. just curious if anyone else has had problems using the recommended setup.


me :cool: