FT Cabbie (Flying Boxcar) Build


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I have wanted to do this for a while.
I am going to attempt to build the FT Cabbie

The plans can be found here: https://www.flitetest.com/articles/planes-fire-rescue-challenge

Here is what I have so far:


[I had to change the radius on the nose too/bottom skin. Also had to cut the length to fit. Also that section missing is not in the plans as I understand.]

I also have done the center wing section but no photo. [Plans say spar is a b-fold, but think will try with an A-fold. Will give a little thicker airfoil doing that.]

There has been some issues with the plans so far (as noted above)

I plan on doing a rough build first and update plans as needed.

I will have to make he wings break down (maybe tail) for transport

I will reinforce wings center wing section with plywood spar or other areas with doublet etc as I see fit to make sure it is robust.

I will update plans and publish. Along with pictures to help with assembly.

NOTE: I am a slow builder so this will take some time.


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Put the rear/cargo area of the fuselage together
1. here are the parts

2. Next.

3. Attached sides to front end/bottom then the top

Here it is with the front fuselage

the length of the fuselage is about 45 inches

I might want to use tape to put parts together to make it more like a standard A/B fold to help with a neat joints (mine are terrible 😂)
I did not put the cargo door area in yet

I am assuming the intent is to glue front and rear fuselage together
I am thinking maybe some like the Guinea pig to join the halves. Looking for a better way to keep the halves aligned and joint strong


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Put center wing in fuselage.

Plans have a single straight line in fuselage for wing placement.

The wing planform is NOT constant chord. Longer chord in center than outside edges.
Traced (roughly) airfoil on outside using existing line on plans

Will try to use cad to get entire airfoil on fuselage plans to have a cleaner fit

I think I want a fuselage doubler at least in the wing area




Note:I am doing a rough fit/build of everything first to see what it take and is needed before I do a final build


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I did start on one of the booms



The booms might have a distinct L & R ? Will need to look at both side before gluing together
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