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FT Duster - BUILD

jayz 84

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Bstanley72 a 7in prop on 4s will work just fine and if you guys want to use a big motor and battery check out nerdnic 800mm FT mustang thred i made a power pod mod and a battery hatch just for big setup i have a 120g motor 65a and 1800mah 4s in my mustang so dont worry about it being heavy mine is 700g

jayz 84

Posted a thousand or more times
Shaka ponk you dont have to increase you foam size unless you like to. Buy increasibg your aircraft size will only change the tabs and tab hole sizes so you'll have to down size them. But its your choice you can use 6mm if you like


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First of all , I would like to thank you guys for constructing such great design. Here is my Duster DSCN9280.JPG DSCN9282.JPG
I used souvenir plastic folder for top material as well as decal, it's flexible and looks good as well.
Scratch built Dusty and flew him with great results. Had to work with the CG a little to get to balance but it flew great. I balanced it upside down on the wing spar.
I have the beef motor and a 25amp plush esc. and 9x4 apc prop.
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Its painted wit rattle can paint with many light coats. Used the blue masking tape and newspaper to mask it off. The black is is black sharpie pen.
Building a FT Duster

I just put the final touches on my FT Duster and can't wait to get it up in the air. I will post some pictures as soon as I can and I am working on a coating that will let me paint without care on the wings and fuselage. If it works, I will share the information. I read that the full-length ailerons are too much on this plane so I have my aileron servos knocked way down to 10% max for the first few flights. I have a 2200KV Brushless Motor 2212-6 & 30A ESC. I stuffed a 2200 mah battery into the tray and have the ESC hanging under the pod via Velcro. Too much? I think I should put inch markings on the bottom of the fuselage up to the tail so I know how far it buries itself into the ground on the landing. :cool:

The world's a better place when it's upside down.......
Been a long time since I've been on this forum. I always check RCGroups and forget to come here. In any event, here is my second Duster under construction. The first met an unfortunate end trying to fly inverted way to close to the deck (not good at inverted yet)

This time around the electronics will be built in, no swappable pod. I'm also intending to make a hatch on top for battery placement. The foam board was covered in packing tape prior to assembly and gluing (much like Ed from ExAir does for his builds). I'm hoping this will prove to be a stronger assembly once complete than just bare foam.
FT Duster V2.jpg
Still looking for a good day to take the Duster up, but fortunately I found a watt meter and connected it to my power pod. I have an 11.1 V 2200 mah, 35 C battery wedged into the pod. I ran the throttle up and found I was at 250 watts with 20 amps. Sounded good until I realized the throttle channel had be set to only 50% of maximum! When I upped it to 90% the current went up to over 30 amps and would have fried my ESC. I cannot stress how important it is to test these things out. With a 7.4 v 2200 mha battery, the amperage only went to 25 amps at 90% so I think I will have to make a couple of different configurations or profiles into my radio control system to keep the battery issue at bay and never let it go over 25 amps max. It should fly for a really, really long time on the 11.1 if I keep the throttle at 50% of maximum. It does not feel too heavy either. Amazing stuff this newer technology for power and control
Argghhh!!! This plane was too fast! It flew for about 20 seconds before I landed in a tree. It came through with a busted motor mount (hot glue gun repairable) and a few extra ventilation holes from the branches, but lesson learned. I am now off to build a Storch. I will come back to this one after some flight time with the Storch and a flight sim. I am hooked though.


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Has anyone tried the FT Duster "beef" kit from lazer toys? FT crew recommends it as a good option and Lazertoys recommends it. I have a Spektrum DX6i radio and I ordered a spare Spektrum 4 channel reciever. Im hoping it will work with the Lazertoys "beef" kit for my Dusty. Included in this kit are the Emax GT2215-09 1180KV 2.25 thurst with prop adaptor, 9x6 props, Lazertoy 20 Amp ESC, Emax Budget Servos, 12" "Y" servo connector, EZ Links and 1300 Mah Lipo 20C discharge/5C Charge rate. For an additional $15 you can upgrade to a 1300 Mah 3s Lipo. Without the shipping, the price of the kit is $59.99. No charger included.

I am holding back on ordering this kit until I know if it will connect and be compatible with a spektrum 400 reciever.

Any opinions?
Outlaw56 if you were still wanting to know I bought the "beef" package and a spectrum AR400 and they work fine together :p