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FT explorer to the rescue

We have had a few good storms blow through in the last couple of weeks and one of them knocked out the power for several hours. As it was getting dark and closer to bedtime one of my kids was getting very worried because his nightlight would not work. My wife was going through the options with him and none of them seemed to be acceptable then I had a flash. Enter my explorer sport night flying wing. Luckily I had a charged battery from the day before and he was very satisfied with his new nightlight. The only problem is now he only wants the wing all the time. I think I will try and rig up a way to plug it in and it will become a permanent part of his room.

That's a great idea but I would check to see how much current those electronics can handle before blowing out.
You are right that I have some research to do. Where I bought the LED strips they also sold a AC / DC block to power them in a home decor scenario. I might just pick one of them up just to be safe.