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FT Flyer Servos Reversed

Somewhat new at RC Flying. The FT Flyer is my first scratch build & all seemed to go well. When checking the rudder & elevator operation I found that they were reversed. I checked the radio & the switches were in normal position. Did I do something wrong or am I supposed to reverse the servos on my radio??:confused::confused:


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It all depends on how you mounted the servos, but its no big deal, your radio will have the ability to reverse each servo.
What transmitter are you using? You should be able to reverse the direction the servos move with some kind of setting on your transmitter. Some of the lesser expensive transmitters have dip switches. Others are programmable.
It wouldn't hurt to reverse a switch and check your control surfaces.
At least you are checking your surfaces before the maiden flight! :)


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That is the reason radios have the reverse option. All planes are not the same! It won't hurt anything to reverse any channels that need to be reversed in order to move in the correct direction.


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Looks like you've got enough "that's normal" posts, but to add my $0.02 . . .

On all your future swappable builds, if you use the same brand of servos, make sure the arm goes off to the same side (i.e., from the rear, if the elevator's servo horn goes off to the left, keep putting the elevator servo horns off to the left). This will keep the normal/reverse settings consistent among your swappables -- change a pod, and you don't have to change your radio settings.