FT Legacy (Founder's Plane) and Power Pack C Twin


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Hi, I'm a new poster to this group, but have been doing FliteTest builds with my son for several years.

I've got a question which I can only assume is a massive cockpit problem on my part, but I can't figure it out.

We have just build the FT Legacy (Founder's Plane) based on the videos. The video suggests Power Pack C Twin as something that should work for the twin engine variant of the plane, so we bought that. It comes with both CW and CCW props, but with two Emax GT2215/10 motors. The motors both come with standard shafts with RH threads, and you can probably see where this is going.

My son built the entire plane and put the props on last night to do pre-flight testing of the motors and, sure enough, one of the spinners unscrewed itself because the threads were inconsistent with the rotation direction of the prop, and we had some shrapnel go flying around. My fault for not thinking about this before he powered up the motors.

I'm stumped as to what to do about this. The Power Pack C twin kit obviously expects the motors to be spinning in opposite directions because it comes with different props). The spinner is just a screw on to the same direction threads and doesn't have a set screw. I'm hesitant to put loctite on the shaft because it's a new plane and I'm sure we'll be breaking props in the beginning. I can't find reverse thread shafts for the motor (the shaft is attached to a plate which screws into the front of the motor, so it would be easy to replace the shaft).

As I said, I think I'm overlooking something obvious here, so any help would be appreciated.


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Use the blue loc-tite and you should be fine. While you can run them in a counter-rotating pattern, most twins have both props spinning CCW. With the Twin C-pack you should have received 2x CCW and 2x CW props. I've flown the Guinea Pig for years with both CCW props and never had any issue. I haven't built my Legacy Plane yet, but I'm planning to do the same with it.


Had this problem before on a single engine, I just used a nylon lock nut that i picked up from a local hardware store. Of course I grabbed a few extras but haven't lost the first one yet.

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O.K., so where is the Twin Build Video?

Duh, open yur eyes Bob, the video is on the other page. Smack to the back of yur (my) head.
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I have a couple of motors with left hand threads and normal props. As long as the nyloc nut is done up tight, they don't come undone. You need a way to lock the nut, i.e nyloc, loctite, spring washer, grip washer or anything else.


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As stated above, I would either get nylon locking nuts or blue locktie it. But to be honest, I just snug my nuts on really tight and have never had one come off. The spinner/nut that holds the prop on should have a hole in the tip. Use some scrap wire from old landing gear or something to stick through the hole allowing you to really snug it up. Shouldnt have issues then.