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FT Legacy single motor suggestions

I am thinking about the FT Legacy that I juts bought, and whether to single motor it. The big dilemma is the motor configuration for a single. I think the C Pack would be fun, but what about bigger. I put a the nerdnic suggested 3530 motor (for his speed machine mig3) and a 4s in my storch and WOW! Makes me think that this motor or the next step up with a 4s would be a beast in the air.

I am curious what the community thinks about how to motor this plane. And yes I am thinking about 2x 3530 motors too... but the wing surely wouldn't handle it. I think it would carry the weight just fine, but the wing would need a real spar.

What's your thought or experience with a single motor FT Legacy?


Legendary member
i have had my legacy well, from the beginning, but still have not built it. my plan was to go 4 motors. ;)

but...i used my twin, contra rotating motor i had planned on using for the nose on another project, so i am now stuck trying to decide if i want to change my plans, destroy my flying mario cart, or buy another $59 set of motors?

i think a 3530 will do just fine for a single. i had planned on 2 B-packs on the wing, then the 2 contra on the nose. guess it just depends on what you want the plane to do. this all part of the fun building these things, no 2 are the same.

good luck,

me :cool:
I just maddened my guinea and didn't bother with counter rotation and I see no appreciable negative. I love the twin c pack, but I do wish for a little more speed.

And if anyone is listening, bring more 60" planes.